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A cabin in the woods

On digital sanctuary


Not many people come here

In-fact, not many people know this place exists

There’s not much reason for anyone to know about it—it’s my remote little cabin, after all

It’s a place I built to go to when I need time to think, time to reflect and the chance to have some sort of digital solitude, far from the hustle and bustle of the more populous metropolises of the vast internet

That, and to document my adventures

There’s no algorithm out here, in this remote part of the wilderness, where phone signal is yet to reach

Maybe one day people will know where this cabin is, should I become successful in some way

Maybe they’ll even want to come here, and study the cabin, and its contents

But that’s not something I need to worry about, given the odds of the game I’m playing—nor, I suspect, is it something healthy to hope for or work towards, lest I discover one day that it’s a hollow victory

What’s more, my cabin doesn’t need to serve as a token of my desired identity, or anything else for that matter—it simply needs to be a quite place for me to write

Thank you for visiting my cabin; you’re very much welcome to return whenever you wish, and to stay for as long as you’d like

Help yourself to some mulled wine, too, if you desire—there’s some on the hob

If you’d like to sign the guest book, please do

And, if you’d be so kind, please close the door on the way out :-)